Prince Rama Record Release @ Baby’s All Right, 3/4/2016

Prince Rama, two sisters with a sizable catalogue chronicling their exploration of “The Now Age”, debuted their latest release this past Friday, titled XTREME NOW. Joining their sold-out celebration were PC Worship and NYMPH. It’s their second stop on their supporting 2016 tour, which ends on, yes, 4/20, back in Brooklyn.

NYMPH’s rhythmic drone enveloped the room at the first note of the night. Layered on top were peaking melodies from singer Piya Malik, with support from electric guitar & saxophone. It was a seemingly intentional kickoff; starting the audience on a softer, resonating path for the evening ahead.

Sharply winding that road was New York-based three-piece PC Worship, with a slow, steady brand of psychedelic noise. They sounded much bigger than just three members, however, and made ample use of Baby’s relatively small space. The set ended in a guitar-molesting breakdown, with bandleader Justin Frye switching the microphone back between his mouth and limp instrument’s feedback against the floor.

Prince Rama then took to the stage, prompting dedicated fans—adorned with painted glitter on their cheeks—to approach as well. Very little time was spent with banter; instead, the band spoke to the audience by launching quickly into fast, reverb-heavy jams.

As the night went on, the band grew increasingly audacious. While frontwoman Taraka Larson demonstrated her talent for dancing & posing for photographers, she focused several times on making deeper connections with the crowd. Larson blurred the line between audience and performer; moving back and forth from the stage to ride atop a current of supporting hands; offering the microphone repeatedly to fans reciting the band’s lyrics. Stepping beyond the electronic drumkit, sister Nimai joined the center stage towards the end of the set, after chugging a tall can of the band’s official energy drink—labeled “XTREME NOW”, with a design not unlike Monster Energy Drink.

Closing the night was an acoustic encore with all three members dressed in bathrobes. Finally, they exited by thanking key associates (who wandered on-stage from the green room), as well as their dedicated fans in the audience.

Prince Rama’s XTREME NOW is out now on Carpark Records.


PC Worship

Prince Rama