Indie Nation Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

With the holidays just about upon us, it only makes sense for some of our favorite independent artists to get into the spirit with the rest of us. Here’s a taste of what has gone down this December from a few of our favorite indie artists.

On December 8, Los Campesinos! (pictured) released a six-track Christmas-themed EP called A Los Campesinos! Christmas. Its a collection of five original tracks, including this featured one called “When Christmas Comes”. They also toss in a cover of Mud’s “Lonely This Christmas”. It sounds very timely and still possesses that typical charm you’d expect from any piece of material from the band. They could have slid these tracks into a normal album or EP and we’d still be happy.

It’s been a solid year for Dum Dum Girls, and they cap it off with a sweet, seasonal change of pace. “On Christmas” is a contribution to Converse’s Noise to the World 2 holiday collection. Instead of the typical catchy guitar grind and hooks, Dee Dee and company pull a 180 and drop some superb synthpop, because you can never get enough of that.

Then we have arguably the best new season track of the year from Dent May. It’s thoughtful, smart, and easy to associate with. Naturally, the track is “I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas”. It is a memorable psych-pop trip all about going back home to your family for the holiday season and coping with it by lighting up. “’tis the season to be high” he sings.