Twin Peaks Releases Wild Onion, Set to Play New York Next Week

It is going to be a busy August for Twin Peaks, and I don’t mean the eerie and surreal David Lynch gem that we’ve grown to love. This Twin Peaks consists of four guys barely over 20 years old, hailing from Chicago and flashing some power-pop/garage rock skills that seem to be developing delightfully.

Their sophomore LP, Wild Onion, was officially released by way of Grand Jury yesterday, and their is some noticeable progression between it and 2013’s Sunken. They take an even bigger bite out of 80s alternative/surf rock this time around with more dynamic vocals and guitar riffs. Even the little things, like the jazzy transition tracks make the new jangly album an engaging listen. Like Sunken, you are kept on your toes cruising through short tracks, but Wild Onion‘s 40 minute listen is double the length in songs.

Twin Peaks will be out and about celebrating the new album release and you can find them in the tri-state area next week. They’ll play Manhattan on Thursday, August 13 at Mercury Lounge, then Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn on Thursday, August 14.