The Budos Band @ The Ballroom at The Outer Space, 11/21/14

Take a collective of instrumental performers, mash them into one eclectic sounding group, and you’ve got the makings for a fantastic live experience by way of The Budos Band. They performed in The Ballroom at The Outer Space in Hamden, CT on November 21 and packed the house. If you aren’t very familiar with their sound, The Budos Band has the outward image of a jam band but performs a psychedelic-injected amalgamation of dark funk, soul, and jazz. Its something they call “Afro-Soul”, and its a lot to digest in the live setting. There was always a variety of instruments on stage to keep your eyes on, ranging from the bongos, to strings, to the trumpet and saxophone.

Echoed through their music is a sort of dark 60s/70s sort of beat. They’re coming off their fifth studio release, Burnt Offering, the first LP of theirs with a unique name. Their free-flowing instrumental set weaved through much of the new material, mixing plenty of their past music as well. Their sound provided me with one of  the most outlandish live experiences I’ve partaken in this year.

Cincinnati heavy psych rock band Electric Citizen opened the show and definitely managed to capture some attention. Their was a great energy level about them. When vocalist Laura Dolan wasn’t singing, she was headbanging her way through awesome guitar shredding. Like The Budos Band, Electric Citizen didn’t sound particularly current but found a musical niche that was appealing and satisfying given the billing for the evening.

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The Budos Band

Electric Citizen