Teen @ BAR, 7/2/14

The confines of BAR in New Haven were alive last Wednesday night with the unique and vibrant energy that Teen has to offer. The Brooklyn foursome released their second full length album, The Way and Color,  in April and have been hitting the road in support of their vocally dynamic and keyboard heavy material.

From the disjointed but calculated vocals and backing synths in “Rose 4 U” to the smoothly trippy melody of “All The Same”, Teen put together a complete set. The band showcased Teeny Lieberson’s vocal range and the cohesion between her sisters Katherine, Lizzie and bassist Boshra AlSaadi. The harmonies flowed from song to song and supplemented Teeny’s musical prowess and elegant showmanship. There was a powerful female euphony in the air that had almost soul-like qualities to it. Very elementally strong in the live setting, Teen still managed to incorporate the pulsing electronic drums present in “Reconsider” and the creeping bass riffs in “Sticky”.

Opening for Teen and based out of Bethel, CT, loom grew from the songwriting of guitarist Danielle Capalbo. The full ensemble consists of her brother, Willis Touri also on guitar, Ashley Kenney on bass, and drummer Jared Thompson (Spectral Fangs). The end result is some excellent chemistry. You’d have no idea that Capalbo and her brother hadn’t yet even jammed together for the first time at the start of 2014. As a quartet, they produce a sound that unites dream pop and garage rock. They’ll have an EP on the way later this year. It is also worth noting that while Touri has an amazing handle on his guitar, he is only 19 and I can see him growing even stronger.

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