Jenny Lewis/Girlpool @ The Space at Westbury

At Neat Beet, we spend our time covering the musicians and bands that influence music. If there was a list of the most influential musicians in recent years, we could safely agree that Jenny Lewis could be considered as a top-contender. We know her quite well as the front-woman for indie powerhouse Rilo Kiley and […]

Blue Öyster Cult Plays Hometown Show

As the sun begins to set on Billy Joel’s residency at The Garden, another famous LI act performed at The Space at Westbury. Blue Öyster Cult is a classic rock quintet whose music has recently been revived in the first installment of Rock Band and is even synonymous with one Will Ferrell’s most famous Saturday Night […]

Gogol Bordello @ The Space at Westbury, NY 07/18/2014

The lights drop. Screams erupt from a dark room. The stage illuminates neon with a giant Slingshot sign toting the words “Pura Vida Conspiracy” and a 4 piece band slams on stage in an eclectic mix of drums, piano, guitar and melodic vocals. This is the opening act of the night, Man Man, the Philadelphia […]

Ben Folds @ The Space at Westbury, 6/23/2014

At 47 years young, Benjamin Scott Folds is still the same quirky voice of the 90’s generation. A native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Ben is most popularly known for his time as frontman and pianist for alt-rock band, Ben Folds Five, which temporarily disbanded before re-uniting in 2011. He descirbed the group as ‘punk rock for sissies.” […]

Iron & Wine Played Intimate Show at The Space at Westbury

The old adage, “third time’s a charm” certainly echoed truth on Thursday, June 26th when Neat Beet made their way to The Space at Westbury for its third show since its opening. The venue welcomed the loud intensity of both Billy Idol and Conor Oberst. We were very excited to see if the venue embellished the […]

Billy Idol @ The Space at Westbury

Being born in the latter part of the 1980’s, there are simply parts of the decade I will never be able to identify with, especially when it comes to music. I’ll never understand how Bruce Willis (yes, Die Hard action star Bruce Willis) had a hit single and how “Mickey” ever squeaked onto the radio. But […]

Conor Oberst / Dawes @ The Space at Westbury

Just a short couple of years after one old, closed down concert hall became The Paramount, another unkempt building found new love as a concert venue. Appropriately called The Space at Westbury, conveniently located less than 40 minutes from Manhattan, this venue has given artists another reason not to skip the Long Island Expressway. My […]