some minor noise @ Paper Box, 8/28/14

some minor noise of Toronto stopped by Bushwick’s Paper Box last week for a gig arranged by our pals at Kaiotic Music. The duo of Jane Void and Wayne Doe released Anachronisms, their debut LP earlier this Summer. The group’s output is a specter of electropop, melodious but glitchy and dire in content. What I take most […]

Beet Box Radio: Episode 5

Beet Box Radio- Episode 5 This month on a new Beet Box Radio, we’ve got a plethora of unknown artists for you to become acquainted with. Musical genres range from vintage sounding soul rock to chill synth pop this time around. Thank you for giving the show a listen and be sure to hit us […]

Some Minor Noise Released Anachronisms; Touring

Discordant, electronic pop is the game of Some Minor Noise, a duo consisting of Jane Void and Wayne Doe of Toronto. They first surfaced with an EP two years past before going on hiatus and dropping off the radar. They figured themselves out and put out their first album, Anachronisms, this summer. It’s a complete record, and most of its material […]