Beet Box Radio: November 2015

On an all new episode of Beet Box Radio, we’ve assembled a rotation in which no two tracks are particularly alike. Listen in to our eclectic November mix and let us know stands out the most to you. Timur & The Dime Museum – “Heat, Beat and Treat” Collapse Stealing Sheep – “Apparition” Not Real Lanterns on […]

Saintseneca @ Mercury Lounge, 10/9/15

Folk rock darlings Saintseneca graced us with some good unique yet familiar American folk sounds at Mercury Lounge, celebrating a new album release. The Ohio native band, led by multi instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Zac Little, just released their third effort Such Things. Following on the footsteps of the brilliant Dark Arcs, which saw the beginning of […]

Saintseneca @ The Space, 6/7/14

The billing last Saturday night at The Space was all of over the place, and it flowed considerably well. You could envision a musical spectrum that has 8-bit gameboy music on one end and subdued indie folk on the other and figure that it wouldn’t fit into the same night. On the other hand, with […]