No Devotion + Deaf Rhino @ Maxwell’s Tavern, 10/18/15

The buzz from the restaurant in Maxwell’s Tavern was audible; guests only vaguely aware of the bands tuning up and focused instead on the fate of a high-stakes Mets game. Their hopeful, high spirited talk of game changers and due timing created a warm, last-day-of-tour vibe. With No Devotion’s debut album Permanence hitting the charts […]

Om @ Le Poisson Rouge, 10/5/14

Om is a metal trio from San Francisco with an aire of gravitas and a sound that meanders into spiritual territory. Om was a duo for most of its existence, featuring Al Cisneros of Sleep as bass / vocals and Emil Amos of Grails on drums. For their 2012 LP, Advaitic Songs (Drag City), they enlisted a third […]