Beet Box Radio: August 2015

After taking a summer vacation of sorts last month, Beet Box Radio has triumphantly returned in August with a special extended edition. We pick things up with a longer-than-usual tracklist featuring accomplished artists like Editors and Geographer, alongside smaller scale musicians like Zachary Cale and Milo McMahon that have a bright future. Listen in for a […]

PINS @ Mercury Lounge, 7/1/15

Manchester’s PINS are back this year with a formidable new record, Wild Nights. The album has a strong, vibrant sound to it, with a ferociousness that bubbles a step below hard rock, settling instead somewhere slightly more comfortable. This evening’s gig at Mercury Lounge was my first time seeing them live as well, and featured a lot of […]

CMJ 2014: Night Falls Playlist & Giveaway

CMJ 2014 fast approaches (October 21st-26th), and to properly note the occasion I’ve spent some time making a mix of my most anticipated artists scheduled to make appearances. The title of the playlist is “Night Falls”, curated to sound dark, chill and grimy. Look below for each artist’s listed appearances current as of 10/8/2014. I will […]

PINS @ Pianos 03/18/14

Pianos plays host to diverse lineups nightly, but the evening of March 18th saw them host a few acts far beyond Brooklyn. While Courtship Rituals still represented the locals, we also saw Glass Towers and PINS who hail from Sydney and Manchester, respectively. The group of bands offered a variety of sounds that, as much […]

Beet Box Radio: Episode 1

Beat Box Radio- Episode 1 Welcome to Neat Beet’s official podcast, Beet Box Radio. Our mission here is to present new and buzzworthy material from the very wide scope of the independent music world. We’ll be sharing songs with you in a format similar to that of a radio show in an effort to promote […]