of Montreal @ Toad’s Place, 3/9/15

Rain, sleet and snow don’t stop the mail, and they wouldn’t have stopped me from getting to of Montreal’s March 9th stop at Toad’s Place. Luckily, the weather saw fit to accommodate my plans. My friends and I left our jackets in the car and walked to Toad’s in short sleeves, parting a sea of historically shitty winter […]

of Montreal @ LPR, 5/11/14

Opening for of Montreal, a band that has 12 albums each as magnificent as the next and currently comprised of Kevin Barnes, Rebecca Cash, Clayton Rychlik, Jojo Glidewell, Bob Parins, and Bennett Lewis, is no small feat. of Montreal always keeps it interesting and has never really settled into one sound for more than an […]

Kevin Barnes @ Le Poisson Rouge, 4/11/14

As a rather large fan of of Montreal, I literally jumped at the opportunity to see Kevin Barnes in the flesh – no electronics, no band, no theatrics – only the human being, and his guitar. When I arrived at the venue, the thought of a whole other band standing between me and the possibility of […]

Fun. Curates Groupon Deal

Whether you’re a fan of the band or not, you have to admit that this is a pretty unique and fun way to discover new music. Fun. has joined forces with the (very addicting) deal website, Groupon, to give people a chance to discover new artists without breaking the bank. For $15 (while supplies last) […]