The New Tarot Premiered “Stella”; Listen In Along With New Live Shots

The twisted sisters of NYC are back at it again! Monika and Karen Walker, who together form The New Tarot just premiered “Stella” last week and played a late set at Knitting Factory full of bouncing revelers matching the song’s breakneck speed. If you hadn’t checked them out since our Valentine’s date with them, a smoother tune by the name […]

Glass Elephant @ Knitting Factory, 11/11/14

Brooklyn folk band Glass Elephant, who we caught back in June, released a self-titled EP last week and played a show at Knitting Factory in support of it. The four tracks that comprise Glass Elephant continue their earnest take at folk music, spearheaded by a new single, “Toledo“. However, those songs, plus the older ones from Atlantic […]

July Talk Celebrated their EP Release at Knitting Factory

July Talk are on the warpath. The Toronto rock band have conquered Canada and are now setting their sights south of the border. Last week was their first salvo into the American market, with the release of the Guns + Ammunition EP via Island Records. The EP takes a choice selection of tracks from their self-titled debut. […]

Introducing The Top

The Top are a Brooklyn four piece that reminisce of 60’s era psychedelia. Their take on it is decidedly slow, and frequently melancholy. The band’s debut album was released earlier this year, independently. Entitled Time Tourist, a full listen through is not dissimilar to a pleasant dream sequence. Have a listen to them via the embed, or check out their […]

Bo Ningen’s NYC Debut @ Knitting Factory, 4/25/14

Bo Ningen embody the wild side of rock music. Violent rhythms, interpretative dance, and long flowing hair all combine to create a very expressionistic stage presence. The Japanese rockers, whose name translates to “Stick Men” in English, made their NYC debut last week after a couple prosperous weekends at Coachella. The tour was in promotion […]