Ashtabula, Jesus Jim & Friends at The Silent Barn Attic, 1/2/16

Up above one of Bushwick, Brooklyn’s most well known venues, The Silent Barn, are what seem regular apartments. Officially or unofficially, shows sometimes happen there, in what I’ve dubbed The Silent Barn Attic. You may remember it as the location of the fire that shuttered Silent Barn briefly in Autumn. Well renovations have happened, and the […]

Big Figment Held a Chimaerics Release Show / House Party

A while back I attended a gathering of bands against burglars, and from that date, a figment stuck with me. One might say it was.. A Big Figment? The art-indie-jazz-punk-etc quartet strike a chord with their weird combination of sounds and happy-go-lucky vibes. Well, give them six months and a little perseverance, and here we have their debut record, Chimaerics, […]

The Yin Yangs @ No Home Gallery, 10/25/14

Have you heard of No Home Gallery? The project is a wandering arts gallery that pairs visual artists with residences, taking over the space to showcase their art, and has had a successful run so far this year with no plans on slowing down for 2015. They don’t usually include live music, but some strings were pulled […]

An Evening At David Blaine’s The Steakhouse, 1/10/2014

The eccentrically named David Blaine’s The Steakhouse is a DIY venue on Bushwick’s Myrtle Avenue. The space is actually an apartment, whose residents handle all the responsibilities this sort of operation requires. The group there has been putting shows on featuring quality underground bands for a few months now, and I found my way there […]