Belle Mare @ Cameo Gallery, 3/22/15

March 22nd was the last day of the massively popular SXSW music festival in Austin, TX, but that didn’t stop NYC from continuing with offering great shows by new, up-and-coming bands as per usual. Cameo Gallery was the site of one such show that Sunday evening, headlined by Belle Mare, a dark, indie, dream pop […]

New Year’s Eve @ Glasslands Gallery

Like the borough itself, the live music scene in Brooklyn has been rapidly changing over the past couple of years, losing some amazing venues and nightlife spots in the process, and with the arrival of the New Year, we say goodbye to the old 2014 and our beloved Glasslands Gallery. The venue has been around […]

Widowspeak, Quilt @ Glasslands, 12/20/14

In what will wind up being my penultimate night of Glasslands coverage, I opted for a night of inspired rock music. On a good day, you can call the music of Widowspeak and Quilt folk, but their styles are each unique enough that the label only loosely applies. I’ve been vying to catch Quilt in particular […]

2014, Indie In Memoriam

Documenting the indie music scene is a constant focus on the new. Usually that involves following current events and releases or forecasting what will be “in” next. As the year nears its end however, I want to take a moment to step back and reflect on a lot of bands we’re fans of here at Neat Beet that are […]

Yellow Ostrich Bid Us Farewell @ Glasslands

Brooklyn band Yellow Ostrich made a sudden announcement last month that they’d be calling it quits with a show during Glasslands’ final month. The group, which toured nationally over a five year lifespan, wanted to end things where they began, while they still could. Their final iteration was Alex Schaaf, Michael Tapper, Jared Van Fleet & Zach Rose. Dedicated […]

Chrome Canyon Played One of Glasslands Last Shows

Glasslands has entered its final month of existence, and in its home stretch, it will be hosting many intimate and meaningful shows. I’m rather sullen to be losing one of my favorite venues, but at least we’re going out with a bang. This last month, colloquially referred to on social media as the ‘lastlands’, began with […]

East India Youth @ Glasslands, 11/22/14

I caught British solo producer, East India Youth, here in Brooklyn on his very first US tour. I’m always a little wary of seeing electronic musicians in a live setting, but he left an impression on me in his debut. Armed with a bass guitar, keyboard and his vocals, his performance was surprisingly furious and energetic; by its conclusion he had […]

clipping. @ Glasslands Gallery, 09/07/14

Sunday night we got some dope beats from LA’s own clipping.. This experimental hip hop group, consisting of MC Daveed Diggs, William Hutson, and Jonathan Snipes (who also composes film music), has drawn comparisons to the likes of Death Grips. Abrasive and raw industrial noise with a good amount of gritty rap deliveries layered on top. […]