A Farewell To Cameo Gallery

Sayounara Cameo Gallery! The Williamsburg venue we’ve hung out at plenty closed this weekend, with a final run of bands headlined by Caveman. Late night DJing by St Lucia & Plastic Plates kept an homage to the electronica vibes the locale was also well known for. The live sets didn’t feature a tearing down of the venue or […]

Kodacrome Covered Girls, Play Cameo’s Last Month, Win Tix

One of our favorite local electronica projects is Kodacrome. The duo, known for their moody soundscapes and analog approach, have been mum much of this year, but are re-emerging with 2015’s conclusion on the horizon. The group’s just released a dusky reimagining of Girls’ “Vomit”, which we’re revealing publicly just below. If you’re digging this, do give last year’s album, […]

ohnomoon @ Cameo Gallery, 4/21/15

Brooklyn rockers ohnomoon have been very active lately, recently releasing their debut EP, VVV and are now playing shows in support of it. I had been eagerly waiting for a proper release from them ever since our date at Glasslands last Summer, and VVV doesn’t disappoint. The stormy collection of tracks swim with ghostly vocals, are punctuated by […]

Belle Mare @ Cameo Gallery, 3/22/15

March 22nd was the last day of the massively popular SXSW music festival in Austin, TX, but that didn’t stop NYC from continuing with offering great shows by new, up-and-coming bands as per usual. Cameo Gallery was the site of one such show that Sunday evening, headlined by Belle Mare, a dark, indie, dream pop […]

SVPER @ Cameo Gallery, 3/26/14

Spanish electronic duo SVPER hails from Barcelona, Spain and delivers tunes that will make any synthpop fan ecstatic. We managed to catch one of their post-SXSW shows at NYC’s Cameo Gallery last month. The performance consisted of Sergio Pérez and singer Luciana Della Villa facing each other with vintage analog keyboards on a table. They brought a […]