Beet Box Radio: November 2015

On an all new episode of Beet Box Radio, we’ve assembled a rotation in which no two tracks are particularly alike. Listen in to our eclectic November mix and let us know stands out the most to you. Timur & The Dime Museum – “Heat, Beat and Treat” Collapse Stealing Sheep – “Apparition” Not Real Lanterns on […]

Big Figment Held a Chimaerics Release Show / House Party

A while back I attended a gathering of bands against burglars, and from that date, a figment stuck with me. One might say it was.. A Big Figment? The art-indie-jazz-punk-etc quartet strike a chord with their weird combination of sounds and happy-go-lucky vibes. Well, give them six months and a little perseverance, and here we have their debut record, Chimaerics, […]

Not Blood Paint Sponsored Bands Against Burglary, 3/5/15

At the vanguard of the battle against burglars last week was Brooklyn rock outfit, Not Blood Paint. A community fundraising event was organized by them at Bushwick’s King’s County Saloon in support of one of their dearest collaborators, James PM Lee. The filmmaker’s equipment was robbed from his apartment late last year, and Not Blood Paint went […]