TEEN @ Union Pool, 2/14/16

Valentine’s Day over the weekend was a night for lovers… of all flavors of live indie pop! TEEN, a Brooklyn band consisting of sisters Teeny, Katherine, & Lizzie Lieberson & Boshra AlSaadi, headlined a sold out night at Union Pool donned all in red. The performance was in honor of the impending release of their third record, Love Yes, on Carpark […]

A Moody 2015

With 2015’s approaching close and the music news cycle slowed down to a halt, it’s time to reflect on highlights of the year, or in my case, its nadirs. I cobbled up a playlist of my favorite darker, slower songs that were released this year. These songs are the ones that always stick with me most powerfully. […]

Ava Luna @ Baby’s All Right, 4/17/15

Ava Luna have been a long running act in Brooklyn’s music scene, with a series of full length albums that have just been bolstered by a new record, Infinite House. It’s a really complete effort, one of my favorite releases this year; I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since I heard “Coat of Shellac” from […]

Introducing LEPT & Zula/annex, Two New Projects From the Zulasphere

The “Zulasphere” is a new word I’m coining to describe the activities of the musicians in Zula, who should be well known amongst adherents to the NYC indie scene by now for their 2013 LP, This Hopeful, and their incessant gigging. Last week, within this “Zulasphere,” two new projects were announced, LEPT and Zula/annex. LEPT by LEPT LEPT is an instrumental […]

Album Releases – Week of March 3, 2014

There are lots to look forward to in March…and we’re not talking about Daylight Savings Time. Real Estate – Atlas Personally, one of my favorite bands around now and one of the albums I have had my eye on for a few months. (no wonder they are one of the 15 acts playing Bonnaroo this […]

Dan Deacon Helped Us Bid 285 Kent Farewell, 1/17/2014

A down note to mark the advent of 2014 was the sudden closing of Brooklyn’s esteemed DIY venue-warehouse, 285 Kent. It has served the Williamsburg area well for years as a proving grounds for many local bands and haven for traveling oddities. With little notice besides a suddenly bare events calendar, the venue announced a […]