SKATERS’ “Miss Teen Massachusetts” Music Video

Post-punk influenced SKATERS is just one month away from releasing their much-anticipated debut album, Manhattan, but they are giving fans a special treat. They have just released the official video for a brand new track on the album. Entitled “Miss Teen Massachusetts” the video is dark and eerie as it shows the band “working” in what appears to be a rehab center. (with a fun twist at the end) The video is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

The band’s album release show is the only US date as of yet, taking place at New York’s intimate Bowery Ballroom on February 24, 2014 before touring across the pond. The So-So Glos are opening that date and tickets are still available here.

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John Harrison

7:26 PM, 1/13/14

This is definitely relevant to my interests. Their shows I've seen get quite rowdy. Y'all can def expect some coverage of that show from ground zero 8)