School Night! (ft Cloud Control, Avers) @ Brooklyn Bowl, 1/12/2014

School Night! is a free concert series currently running Sundays here at Brooklyn Bowl focused on putting on parties featuring indie bands and DJ’s. This episode featured rising Australian rockers, Cloud Control, as headliners. It’s part of a short US tour by the group.

I arrived just in time for Avers, who are supporting Cloud Control on tour. They’re a good pairing, and also, a surprisingly complete act for how scant their recordings are online. The group has five players, and dabbles deep in psych rock territory. The band has several multi instrumentalists; the position of vocals, strings, and keyboard were frequently swapped. They have a few singles (and ringtones(?!)) on their Soundcloud for your listening pleasure. I’ll be keeping tabs on their development with the hopes that they are able to make a proper debut soon.

Cloud Control’s got a really good thing going. Their second album, Dream Cave, came out last year, and they are still touring its virtues. The quartet has got a nice fusion of pop, folk and rock that really gives me a desire to dance around a bonfire. It’s their soaring vocals and harmonies that burn brightest though, which are very visible when the band is playing ten feet away.

Cloud Control originally was limited to a paltry thirty minute set, but we were offered a more interesting story. The crowd’s adulation was raucous enough that the band was given an unscheduled encore (“There’s Nothing in the Water We Can’t Fight“), allowing them a storybook ending and mitigating any disappointment I might have had. Hopefully School Night!’s other shows are better proportioned. The next one will feature folk-inspired singer, Tom Odell, and the dreampop-esque, Vensaire.