Ready to make you dance, Cardiknox plays Mercury Lounge on Saturday

So far, we don’t know much about what to expect from New York-based Cardiknox. What we do know is that they are ready and willing to get you on the dance floor. It only took several tracks for Lonnie Angle and Thomas Dutton’s project to catch on with memorable hooks and electric beats.

You can see them live at Mercury Lounge tomorrow with opening downtempo act, Silent Rider, of Brooklyn. Expect to hear some additions to the Cardiknox arsenal, along with “Hold Me Down” and “Technicolor Dreaming”, the pair of songs we are most familiar with. The former is energetic, sporadic, and solidified by fierce, spirited vocals. The latter is more of sweet, sway-inducing pop groove.

The last thing we are waiting on from Cardiknox is an EP release, which could very well be on the horizon as they prepare to tour the country.We know that they possess range, and Saturday night will give us a taste of what to expect going forward.