PINS @ Mercury Lounge, 7/1/15

Manchester’s PINS are back this year with a formidable new record, Wild Nights. The album has a strong, vibrant sound to it, with a ferociousness that bubbles a step below hard rock, settling instead somewhere slightly more comfortable. This evening’s gig at Mercury Lounge was my first time seeing them live as well, and featured a lot of heavy riffing and vocal harmonizing. Overall, it was a strong outing of feminine strength, especially with the stage crowded for “Girls Like Us” and a lot of longhaired headbanging surrounding me.

PINS are Faith Vern (vocals/guitar), Anna Donigan (bass), Lois Macdonald (guitar), Sophie Galpin (drums) & Kyoko Swann (synths/guitar). Kyoko, who is the newest member of the group, opened the night with a complicated, solo set involving considerable looping. PINS finished their US tour the next night in Philly and are now back home.

This night was also our second sojourn with Beverly, who we last caught at Glasslands’ sayounara. Drew Citron is at the helm of it, and the band revolves around her charisma and talent. You can see them tonight at Alphaville or on the weekend over at the Riis Park Beach Bazaar (which is definitely just an ideal place to hear their darling single, “Honey Do“) before they head out on a Midwest tour. Beverly has mentioned a new record in the works as well, without much detail past an early 2016 release.