NYPC Explores The Dark Side of Love, Releases Video For “Sure as the Sun”

NYPC‘s single “Sure as the Sun” already combines musical elements of every step of the band’s journey. The track explores the darker side of The Optimist and hinges on the irresistible¬†programmed hooks of new. And now we have a thought-provoking reality check in the form of a video to go with it.

The music video features an endless, glitched out stock video montage of a variety of couples with factoids like “73% of affairs are never discovered”, and so on. The distorted aspect of the video lines up with the beat of track, making a seemingly mundane piece of viewing material come across as hypnotic. You’ll wonder if there’s a darker message being conveyed subliminally via this musical PSA.

NYPC is wrapping up their American tour throughout the rest of May. In case you missed it, check out our thoughts from when they stopped in New York.