No Nets, Black River Manifesto, Garbage Brain, & Twiga @ St. Vitus

Brooklyn’s own No Nets were at it again, testing out new material like the yet-to-be-released track, Lucky One. Sharpening their teeth with old favorites like “Bonnie Tyler,” their punk-meets-surf sound is as biting as it is self-reflective. With promises of a new album in the works, the band is currently working on a follow-up to their debut effort Affable and Ready For Small Talk.

[ed’s note: Along with photographing No Nets, we were stoked with the rest of the bands on the lineup as well and here’s a bit on each for you.]

Twiga is a psych-pop act based out of Brooklyn, NY. Lush, atmospheric jams like “Girls” are soulful and catchy, with a touch of sadness. Their quirky melodies reminded me a little bit of Beach House, and would be the perfect listen for a long solo drive.

Garbage Brain is a overly caffeinated garage-punk band from New Brunswick, NJ. Jangly guitars and slurred vocals make you want to pogo dance because boredom sucks and New York City is cool I guess, if you like to be depressed all the time. My favorite track off their Bullshit Demo is “Internet Band.”

Black River Manifesto are a trio of musicians from NYC, experimental and headbanging. Their sound is calculated, not the typical fast-and-loose rockabilly you might expect but still just as spooky. With an upright bass and no vocals, the swirling punches of Motorcity are the perfect blend of intricate and heavy.

Black River Manifesto (Nikki Gertner)

Black River Manifesto (Nikki Gertner)