Monogold, Child Actor @ BAR, 1/14/15

My first trip to BAR- New Haven in 2015 offered up a showcase of two indie electronic pop acts on different ends of the spectrum. On one hand was Child Actor with a hazy, deep electronic approach. Then there was the good vibes and experimental pop of Monogold.

I sometimes am concerned that there is a lack of misty electronic pop locally in Southern Connecticut, but New Haven-based Child Actor fits right into that niche. The duo, comprised of Natalie Plaza and Max Heath, offer duel keyboard action, channeling their well-versed background in piano. They performed tracks from their 2014 full length release, Never Die. Plaza’s delicate vocals meshed well into the dreamy downtempo synth beats.

Child Actor

Kicking up the energy level a bit was Monogold, a trio that brought in some indie pop beats with traces of psychedelia. The Brooklyn-based group is on tour in support of their latest release, This Bloom. Tracks like “Holograms” from them are noisy, electronically charged, and still able to cater to a dance crowd. I feel like this band benefit from added background effects, maybe some trippy lighting to pair with the way they sound.