Marrow @ Webster Hall’s Studio, 4/22/15

Marrow are an indie rock quartet out of Chicago fixing for an impactful debut. Those in the know were able to catch an intimate warmup from them at Webster Hall’s studio. The group, who lured me in with the track “Mother of Maladies” and recently released “Paulson” are plotting their debut, entitled The Gold Standard. It’s date is not set but judging by the polish of the live set it is likely near ready. “Paulson” has a video embedded below which watches like an abstract mashup of 80s’ video gymnastics & “Lord of the Flies.”

Marrow is Liam Cunningham (guitar/vox), Macie Stewart (keys/vox), Lane Beckstrom (bass) & Matt Carroll (drums). Maybe you know the first three of these musicians’ names as they’ve risen together from the ashes of another Illinoisian band, Kids These Days. Marrow is their second tour together; we’re likely going to see a formidable presence as they develop if they continue playing their cards right.