Introducing: The Hudson Project

We like to share great news at Neat Beet. We know you have many things that stress you throughout the day and we just want to make your day just a little better. We know what your cat knocked over and we are also very sad that your favorite record keeps skipping. We want to give you news that makes you smile and gets you giddy.

That’s why we were very hesitant in sharing with you that Disco Biscuits-curated multi-day, multi-genre festival, Camp Bisco, will not be happening this year and will return in 2015. We’re bummed about it too but before you reach for your Kleenex, keep reading.

The festival organizers behind Camp Bisco and Georgia’s Counterpoint Festival (whose incredible line-up includes Outkast, Sleigh Bells and Tourist) are creating a 3-day music and arts festival in nearby Saugerties, NY. Mysteriously called “The Hudson Project” this festival promises four large stages of “…genre-defying musical acts…” using the majestic Catskills Mountains as a backdrop. It also promises craft beer, gourmet food, wine and crafts from the local Hudson Valley area.

Saugerties is less than 2 hours away from New York City which is great news for those who were relying on Camp Bisco as their escape from the daily grind. The festival organizers confirmed that they are offering a variety of camping choices for those who choose to drive up. For those who don’t have access to a car, the organizers are guaranteeing that there will be transportation provided (cost TBD) from NYC and other major cities.

The festival will take place on July 11 – July 13. The line-up and ticket information has not been announced but those who are intrigued can sign up for The Hudson Project’s mailing list. (or keep to Neat Beet for updates)