Feathers brings their dark electronic sound to New York

Whenever an artist takes me on a time-travelling adventure back to the era of industrial synth and dark wave beats, you can consider me hooked. Feathers provides a striking, nostalgic tribute to the shadowy side of alternative that developed in the eighties. What the group stands for is part of an ongoing reminder that new wave never died.

The project of Anastasia Dimou, was formed in Austin, Texas in 2011. Their 2013 debut LP, If All Now Here, will remind you of everything you loved about groups like Depeche Mode. “Soft” and “Night Seances” sound directly influenced by Some Great Reward. “Dark Matter” uses industrial clanking and heavy synth pop beats to have similar effect. I still find myself always looking forward to that track coming on Radio Mirror Park when I’m cruising around in Grand Theft Auto V.

You can take in a live showing of Feathers tonight at Mercury Lounge and on Thursday January 9 at the Glasslands in Brooklyn. For their Brooklyn show, they help open things up for London-based TOY, who is making stops in the U.S. to promote their latest release, Join the Dots. Give the title track a listen here. It builds off their debut self-titled LP release in 2012, only this time shrouded in more of an electronic mist, heavy at times. It seems to also be influenced by values of old school alternative. The new album reminds me a bit of Echo and the Bunnymen, modernized in a cloudy manner.

Feathers will embark on a European tour on January 15 in support of none other than Depeche Mode themselves. In the meantime, a new EP, Only One, is slated for a January 13 release, giving Dimou and company some new material to showcase on the road in 2014.