Crater Premieres New Track, “Gross Relations”

The emergence of Seattle production duo Crater (Ceci Gomez and Kessiah Gordon) is bringing back fond memories of the early 90s. What we have here is a more electro-pop take on the industrial era with roots stemming from their inspirational alternative rock and grunge favorites from that scene. It may sound like the end result could be a hodgepodge, but Crater crafts these ominous beats with gusto and provides enchanting vocals. It is something  conceptually fascinating that works, and happens to sound mysteriously beautiful.

It all started with the tracks “Crater Head” and “Brew“. They’ve just released a third called “Gross Relations”. It fits the mold of its precursors with eerie industrial segments that will haunt you but also make you dance. It’s worth saying again that Crater has captured my interest, and I’m anxiously waiting to see where they go from here.