Circa Survive @ The Paramount, 4/29/15

It seems that with every passing of a decade comes the ebbing and flowing of musical genres. The post-millennial trend saw the departure of grunge and the rising of post-hardcore and emo music scenes. The death of Napster and the birth of Myspace saw an industry evolution unlike any other. Among the plethora and breadth of post-hardcore bands, few were more recognizable than Circa Survive & Balance and Composure.

Over ten years since Circa Survive’s debut release, Juturna, and just shy of a decade on the founding of Balance and Composure, both bands graced the stage at The Paramount for a night filled with their early-2000 material along with recent cuts, including Circa Survive’s latest effort, Descensus. Photos of both Balance and Composure, Circa Survive and the evening’s opener, CHON, are below.

Circa Survive – April 29, 2015 setlist

  1. “Child of the Desert”
  2. “Schema”
  3. “Glass Arrows”
  4. “Holding Someone’s Hair Back”
  5. “In The Morning and Amazing…”
  6. “Strange Terrain”
  7. “The Great Golden Baby”
  8. “The Greatest Lie”
  9. “Sharp Practice”
  10. “Through The Desert Alone”
  11. “Only The Sun”
  12. “Phantom”
  13. “In Fear and Faith”
  14. “The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is In The Dose”
  15. “Nesting Dolls”
  16. (jam session) [encore]
  17. “Get Out” [encore]


Balance & Composure

Circa Survive