Brothertiger @ BAR- New Haven, 1/1/14

With a developing regional foothold in synthpop, Broooklyn based project Brothertiger appeared in New Haven, CT to kick off 2014 right. Pioneered by mastermind John Jagos, the group has been creating chill reverberating grooves for a few years now. His first two LP’s were primarily solo bedroom material, but he’s since brought in some cohorts to assist him on the live stage.

Connecticut local, DJ Norrin, warmed things up with an opening set. I was pleased to hear a CHVRCHES remix, a bit of new year tribute, and a set closing remix of eighties classic “Dance Hall Days.” Check out a pair of his mixtapes here.

Between Brothertiger’s studio recordings and live performance, there are distinct differences in sound. Listening to the albums provides a very relaxing and immersive experience. I got hit with a heavier wall of sound effect that was evident as they opened with “In Mind“, a track from latest release, Future Splendors. With the full band performing, there is a complete blend of instruments and synths.

The full band enhanced the chillwave experience, as you could pick up snippets of each instrumental while sifting through the smooth electronic haze generated on danceable tracks like “Out of Line” and “Reach It All”. Jagos’ bassist was also absent the previous time I checked them out, so there was an excellent extra floor-pulsing aura added to the live atmosphere.

On the whole, the multidimensional nature of Brothertiger continues to fascinate me. Jagos and his band will prepare more of a collaborative effort for future studio recordings. I’m looking forward to the next step of their evolution, and you can see them again soon on January 24, at The Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn.