Brooklyn’s Painted Zeros Debuts Video, “Jaime”

All it takes is one fervent, punk-heavy jam, and we have another local Brooklyn band cropping up on our radar. Painted Zeros have done just that with “Jaime”, having released a video in support of the song.

“Jaime” is a splendidly lo-fi tune that features some easily absorbable guitar riffs that still manage to tear through your ear canals in conjunction with some emotional vocal ups and downs from Katie Lau. The video echoes these sentiments in a ritualistic manner with Lau and friends burning a series of words written on little pieces of paper, and purging/popping some balloon demons.

The forthcoming EP from Painted Zeroes is called Svalbard and is due out July 15 via Black Bell Records. You can catch them live at Pianos tomorrow night, at Slackfest 2014 in Brooklyn on June 21 and Shea Stadium on June 27.