Brooklyn Trio Wonderbreed Releases New Video, “Who Is Your Dad”

Brooklyn-based trio, Wonderbreed, have released an outrageous new video for their track, “Who Is Your Dad”. It comes complete with a bunny and walrus suit, a hitchhiking experience, canned beans, and more beans to match up with the rock stomp and choral hooks of the song itself.

Wonderbreed plays a brand rock that could only be the end result of throwing the psychedelic genre into a mosh pit of 90s punk sounds. They are in the preparation stages of making their way to Connecticut on May 3 for CT’s Fauxchella where they will be featured in the band showcase.


John Harrison

11:36 PM, 4/18/14

The cinematography on this music video intrigues me.

Joe Mastracchio

3:37 PM, 4/19/14

Thanks for the write-up, guys! We've got a bunch of shows coming up, you can see them all here:


9:31 AM, 4/20/14

Matt has a way with words. A good way.