Beet Box Radio: June 2015

Stream a brand new edition of Neat Beet’s official podcast, Beet Box Radio. We’ll get you ready for the summer months with some sunny vibes, awesome singer-songwriters, and some road trip soundtrack material. Let us know what your favorite jam of the month is!

Beet Box Radio 6.15

Jacco Gardner – “Find Yourself”
Hypnophobia, Baby’s All Right, 7/12
Briana Marela – “Surrender”
All Around Us, Baby’s All Right, 9/6
Janita – “Easing Into Sanity”
Didn’t You My Dear
Fraser Gorman – “Shiny Gun”
Slow Gum
Coastwest Unrest – “All the Fuck Yous”
Black Desert Sweet Mojave
Sam Evian – “Cherry Tree”
Maco Monthervil – “Can You Hear Those Freedom Bells Ringing”
Here Comes the Rat
Ultimate Painting – “Break the Chain”
Green Lanes, Rough Trade, 9/18, Bearsville Theater, 9/20
The Foresters – “Machines”
Sun Songs, Lyric Hall, 7/18
Roman à clef – “The Prisoner”
Little Racer – “Montevideo”
Foreign Tongues
Bent Denim – “Good Night’s Sleep”
Romances You
Sea of Bees – “Test Yourself”
Build a Boat to the Sun, Hi-Fi: 7/9 & 7/16, The Living Room: 7/15 & 7/22, Rough Trade NYC: 7/11