Beet Box Radio: Episode 8

Beet Box Radio- Episode 8

Just like that, it is time for the very last episode of Beet Box Radio for 2014. Thanks for checking in on it all year, and this final playlist will not disappoint. Rediscover artists like Zox, Tinariwen, and Faded Paper Figures. Get into the smooth sounds of Moon King and Human Heat, and more. Listen in, enjoy the holiday season, and you’ll be hearing from us again soon in 2015.

Zox – “A Little More Time”
The Wait
Tinariwen – “Tiwayyen”
Musee Mecanique – “The Lighthouse and the Hourglass”
From Shores of Sleep
Erika Lloyd– “I Walk Behind You”
I Walk Behind You
Little Grey Girlfriend  – “Shock Value”
Young Bugs– “Out There”
Out There
Memory In Plant – “This Love”
An Epic Triumph
Sannhet – “Absecon Isle”
Known Flood
Moon King – “Only Child”
Obsession I
Empathy Test – “Throwing Stones”
Throwing Stones
Human Heat – “Fever (feat. Tei Shi)”
Human Heat
Faded Paper Figures – “Not The End Of The World (Even As We Know It)”