Beet Box Radio: Episode 5

Beet Box Radio- Episode 5

This month on a new Beet Box Radio, we’ve got a plethora of unknown artists for you to become acquainted with. Musical genres range from vintage sounding soul rock to chill synth pop this time around. Thank you for giving the show a listen and be sure to hit us up with what you liked the most out of the show, and suggestions of underexposed artists you think should be featured in the future.


The Lovers Key  – “Bright Eyes, Black Soul”
Here Today Gone Tomorrow, Pianos NYC, 10/5
Kodacrome (pictured) – “White Love”
Salt Cathedral – “Move Along”
Salt Cathedral, Glasslands, 8/30
loom – “Echoes”
Echoes b/w Every Crime, The Outer Space Ballroom, 9/28, The Space, 10/31
Some Minor Noise  – “Melting”
Anachronisms, Pianos NYC, 8/27
The Stargazer Lilies– “We Are The Dreamers”
We Are The Dreamers
Bent Denim – “Nine Years”
Meadowhawks – “Multiflora Rose”
Meadowhawks, The Trash Bar, 9/12
Onward Chariots – “It Doesn’t Even Matter”
Take Me To Somewhere
Cancers – “Be Cool”
Fatten The Leeches
Amoureux – “Never Young As Tonight”
Never Young As Tonight
Photay – “Reconstruct”
Photay, Glasslands, 10/17