No Devotion + Deaf Rhino @ Maxwell’s Tavern, 10/18/15

The buzz from the restaurant in Maxwell’s Tavern was audible; guests only vaguely aware of the bands tuning up and focused instead on the fate of a high-stakes Mets game. Their hopeful, high spirited talk of game changers and due timing created a warm, last-day-of-tour vibe. With No Devotion’s debut album Permanence hitting the charts […]

No Nets, Black River Manifesto, Garbage Brain, & Twiga @ St. Vitus

Brooklyn’s own No Nets were at it again, testing out new material like the yet-to-be-released track, Lucky One. Sharpening their teeth with old favorites like “Bonnie Tyler,” their punk-meets-surf sound is as biting as it is self-reflective. With promises of a new album in the works, the band is currently working on a follow-up to […]

Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!) Presents: Killing Me Loudly

Killing Me Loudly, An Evening of Existential Dread, Fiending and Gender Dysphoria In The Brilliance of Life’s Headlights was a reserved, intimate chance for fans to get up close and personal with singer/songwriter Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! The venue had no standing room, just tables and chairs and an expensive selection of food […]

Kevin Devine, Dads, & Field Mouse @ LPR

Wrapping up an eight-week run together, Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band were in high spirits and good company at their final stop of the tour in NYC. Joined by tour mates Dads and Field Mouse on stage, all three bands posed for a group photo and asked the crowd to share gratuitously. Unsurprisingly, Kevin […]

Say Anything…Is A Real Boy 10 Year Anniversary @ Irving Plaza

Mimicking the spoken word introduction to Say Anything’s first major album …Is A Real Boy, Max Bemis took the stage and declared “and the show begins with a song of rebellion!” Ten years and four records later, IARB holds court as Say Anything’s most coveted effort and possibly the most unforgettable album to have come […]

Hallowmas 2014 @ The Wick

A year has passed since The World Inferno Friendship Society celebrated the sacred Hallowmas while simultaneously mourning the death of Grace Talicious, singer of the band Paranoid Style. Neat Beet caught up with front man Jack Terricloth to chat about what the WIFS had up their sleeve for the festivities this year, but secrets like […]

Blood Brothers @ Warsaw, 10/5/14

Seattle thrash outfit the Blood Brothers officially announced their breakup in 2007, with members moving on to form projects like Head Wound City and Neon Blonde. Young Machetes had been released only a year earlier, packed with so much frantic energy that suddenly it all seemed to come to an abrupt halt (which ultimately, a […]

F*cked Up, Speedy Ortiz, & Give @ Irivng Plaza

The 10 year anniversary of indie rock show guide OhMyRockness slotted Fucked Up to play Irving Plaza on the opening night of their celebrations. Other acts during this four show festival blowout included Panda Bear and Black Lips. Fucked Up’s latest album Glass Boys continues to push the envelope of what it means to play […]