Matt James’ Favorite Shows of the Year

As promised, here is a list of my favorite live acts this year. For my list of my favorite albums of 2014, click here. As per usual, NYC has been a live music hotbed for extremely popular bands and the new, up-and-comers alike. I’ve had the privilege to catch 85 live acts over the past […]

Jungle @ Warsaw, 10/1/14

What do you get when you take a Brooklyn music venue housed inside a Polish cultural center and add a seven-piece band from London that plays a modern variety of funk and upbeat soul? You get a wholly unique dancehall experience that changes the way you look at traditional concert going in NYC. The band […]

Blood Brothers @ Warsaw, 10/5/14

Seattle thrash outfit the Blood Brothers officially announced their breakup in 2007, with members moving on to form projects like Head Wound City and Neon Blonde. Young Machetes had been released only a year earlier, packed with so much frantic energy that suddenly it all seemed to come to an abrupt halt (which ultimately, a […]