Matt James’ Favorite Albums of 2015

As we wind down the year that was in 2015, I’ve decided to continue with what hopes to be a tradition by sharing a list of both my favorite albums and favorite shows of the year. Every time I turned around, there seemed to be yet another great record released, and process of whittling down my […]

A Moody 2015

With 2015’s approaching close and the music news cycle slowed down to a halt, it’s time to reflect on highlights of the year, or in my case, its nadirs. I cobbled up a playlist of my favorite darker, slower songs that were released this year. These songs are the ones that always stick with me most powerfully. […]

Braids @ Baby’s All Right 10/22/15

Braids, an art rock and experimental pop band from Montreal played some deep ethereal sounds at Baby’s All Right. The three piece, with tasteful electronic beats, fine tuned acoustics and vocals, and some technical drumming, delivers a raw punch of energetic music that’s also melodic and easy to listen to. A combination of experimental sounds […]